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5 Home Improvements to Make This Summer

Is the upstairs of your home too hot during the summer? Or maybe you’ve noticed condensation on your ductwork? Well, The Fifth Fuel is here for you with the best energy saving home improvements to make this summer and improve your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. With services like attic insulation and air sealing, you’ll not only see benefits now, you’ll see them all year long. 

  1. Start With an Energy Audit

Before starting any energy efficient home improvements, get a comprehensive analysis of your home’s performance with an energy audit. The Fifth Fuel team can identify exactly where your home is wasting energy using infrared cameras and blower doors testing to help you better understand what services will have the biggest impact on your home comfort, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency. 

  1. Get Rid of Your Old Insulation

Insulation degrades over time, becoming less effective and in some cases harmful to your indoor air quality. As insulation material deteriorates, the R-value decreases and causes your heating and cooling bills to rise. With insulation removal from The Fifth Fuel you’ll not only have all the debris from your old insulation gone, we’ll also have better access to any air leaks that contributed to degrading it in the first place to solve the issue at the source.

  1. Air Sealing & Insulation Upgrades

After your old and inefficient insulation is removed, our team can help you save an average of 15% on heating and cooling costs with air sealing and insulation upgrades. When these two services are combined, your home will see year round benefits, like humidity control and a more comfortable home. Insulation and air sealing also help to keep excess moisture from entering your home, protecting you from mold growth and other contaminants. 

  1. Combat Crawlspace Moisture

Basements and crawlspaces are known for being dark, damp, and musty—but they don’t have to be! With crawlspace encapsulation the lower levels of your home are sealed off from the outdoors, making them less susceptible to moisture intrusion. There are many benefits of including your crawlspace in your home’s building envelope, like more home durability, reduced risk of mold, and improved indoor air quality,  

  1. Check Your HVAC Ductwork

Your central ductwork delivers conditioned air to every room throughout your home and is one of the most important components in your whole home system. If your ductwork has significant leaks it can also be one of the largest contributors to energy waste in your home. By sealing and insulating your ducts, you can save on your energy costs and extend the lifespan of your HVAC system. 

The Fifth Fuel: Your Summer Home Efficiency Experts

We believe energy efficiency is the fifth fuel, meaning we take it into consideration with every home performance service we offer. Our team of building scientists use a whole home approach to combating home health and comfort issues with long lasting results. If you are ready to get started, reach out to The Fifth Fuel today!

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