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What is the Fifth Fuel?

As concern about climate change and energy reserves mounts, there is more attention focused on the pros and cons of different sources of energy. The main four types of fuel — coal, hydrocarbons (natural gas and petroleum), nuclear, and renewable energy — have all helped power our world.

What about the “fifth fuel”?

Energy efficiency is the fifth fuel and is the greenest and most cost-effective of the five. The cheapest and most environmentally-friendly fuel is the one you don’t have to buy! This is the inspiration behind the name of our company, saving both money and carbon emissions for a win-win situation.

There are many ways to save energy. Heating and cooling accounts for nearly half of all household energy use, making it a great place to start when making energy efficiency upgrades. In most homes, energy-saving upgrades also boost indoor comfort, which is an important secondary benefit.

Efficiency is Our Goal

Utilizing the fifth fuel is helpful both on existing homes and new construction alike. We have a variety of approaches we can use on existing homes to significantly boost their energy performance, such as insulating walls, attics, and basementsAir sealing mitigates drafts and uneven home temperatures, and works synergistically with insulation. The Fifth Fuel also insulates new homes and can serve as an energy rater for ENERGY STAR certified new homes.

The Fifth Fuel takes a scientific approach to energy conservation, not guesswork. Our energy efficiency experts use an infrared camera, a duct blaster test, and a blower door tests to gain useful insights into home energy performance and utility-saving home improvements.

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The cheapest fuel is the one you DON’T have to buy.

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