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Insulation Removal

Home insulation is very important for keeping homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Unfortunately, insulation can become degraded over time, reducing its effectiveness and its R-value (or thermal resistance). In fact, replacing old insulation can make homes much more energy efficient and comfortable while benefitting the environment and indoor air quality.

Removing old and degraded insulation is typically the first step in performing home energy upgrades. The Fifth Fuel uses a removal vacuum to ensure that all debris, contaminants, and pest excrement are fully removed. We remove attic insulation to also allow us to air seal any gaps or cracks that are otherwise concealed.

Why Remove Old Insulation?

Insulation has a tendency to settle over time, becoming thinner and less effective. Water and moisture infiltration also degrades its quality, increasing heating and cooling bills. Leaky roofs and vents and high humidity levels are a common cause of attic insulation degradation and mold issues.

Pest infestations are common in attics, particularly once moisture becomes a factor. Birds, raccoons, rodents, bats, and squirrels commonly live in attics. Animals tear apart insulation to use for nesting materials and leave excrement, creating both energy efficiency and potential health issues in the home. In some cases, pest infestations occur under the previous homeowners, so current homeowners may be unaware the associated insulation degradation. The Fifth Fuel can remove blown-in or batt insulation and seal entry points for pests, preventing future pest infestations.

Your home could be dirtier than you think.

We can remove your old, contaminated insulation!

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Insulation Removal with The Fifth Fuel

After removing insulation, our home insulation team air seal leaks and holes. The Fifth Fuel then safely disposes of the old insulation and adds new high-efficiency fiberglass, cellulose, or spray foam insulation.

Since 1986, we have been insulating attics, walls, crawl spaces, and floors over garages and unconditioned spaces. We bring our extensive training and ongoing experience to each job, providing excellent customer service to Northern Virginia and Metro Maryland homeowners.

Does your home have old or dirty insulation? Contact The Fifth Fuel to learn more about our insulation removal service.

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