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The Benefits of Weatherization for HOAs

At The Fifth Fuel, we’ve seen the positive impact that weatherization can have not only on individual homes but also on entire communities of homeowners. Proper home weatherization has the power to protect homes from the outside elements, increase indoor comfort, boost energy efficiency, and more.

We often work with Homeowners Associations (HOAs) to improve homes here in Northern Virginia and wanted to share with you the impact that our work has had for the many homeowners in these communities.

What Is Weatherization & What Are the Benefits?

Weatherization refers to upgrades like air sealing and insulation which protect houses from the outside elements, like heat and humidity  in the summer and the cold in the winter.

Air sealing, for example, closes up air leaks which would otherwise let air travel freely in and out of the home year-round. Insulation, on the other hand, slows heat flow, keeping much needed heat in during the winter and excess heat out during the summer. Believe it or not, many houses in Northern Virginia are under-insulated and could benefit from weatherization upgrades in key areas like the attic and crawlspace.

When homes are weatherized properly, homeowners will experience benefits like:

  • Consistent indoor comfort year-round

  • Less need for heating & cooling equipment

  • Lower annual heating & cooling costs

  • Greater overall home energy efficiency

  • Improved indoor air quality

  • Reduced risk of allergy & asthma symptoms

Our Most Recent HOA Weatherization Projects

As local leaders in home efficiency, we’ve worked with several HOAs here in Northern Virginia to complete larger scale weatherization projects. Take a look at some of our most recent work in the area.

Trevor House Condos in Oakton

We sealed air leaks and blew 100,000 square feet of attic insulation, making these condos more comfortable and energy efficient year-round.

Somerset at Westridge in Woodbridge

We air sealed and insulated 208 individual townhouses in this community, making them healthier and cozier regardless of the weather outside.

Oak Park Condos in Reston

We tented the sprinkler lines in this community to prevent pipe freezing — and blew 120,000 square feet of insulation in attics for greater indoor comfort.

Westbriar Condos in Vienna

We applied spray foam insulation to cantilevered floor areas in this community to keep water lines from freezing.

Discover what our team of building science experts can do for your community. Contact us or call 703-368-1479 today to learn about our work with Homeowners Associations!

Proper weatherization leads to happy homeowners.

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