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Better Business Tip: Getting the Most From a Commercial Energy Retrofit

Running a small business in Virginia comes with a lot of “cans of paint” to juggle — like keeping your employees happy and comfortable, maintaining your facilities, and providing for your customers — all while staying profitable. If you’ve been operating a business in an outdated building, you may already be at a disadvantage to your competitors because your building is affecting your business’ bottom line in utility bills and headaches each month. And that’s before you factor in the fact that your employees aren’t able to get comfortable in an inefficient and drafty old commercial building!

You and your employees spend an average of 40 hours (or more) each week at your place of business. So why spend more money each month to be less comfortable for all that time? Retrofit your commercial space to conserve energy and increase comfort with the Manassas, VA commercial energy specialists at The Fifth Fuel.

Commercial Energy Retrofits for Virginia Business Owners

Maybe you started a new business venture by leasing an older building. Or, maybe your existing business has expanded to a larger space to meet your growing needs. Each and every commercial building comes with its own energy and comfort deficiencies, which may already be threatening your profits — which is exactly why The Fifth Fuel is here to help. A commercial energy retrofit comes with a long list of benefits that you can tout to current and prospective employees, as well as your customers:

  • Increased energy conservation

  • Lower environmental impact

  • More comfortable employees

  • Reduced energy bills

  • Longer HVAC equipment lifespan

  • Fewer unexpected HVAC breakdowns

So, What Kind Of “Upgrades” Are We Talking Here?

We find the efficiency upgrades that tend to have the most impact are a custom combination of:

  • Air sealing any holes, gaps & cracks

  • Insulation/re-insulation of walls & floors using blown-in cellulose

  • Replacing, restoring & insulating HVAC ductwork

The Fifth Fuel takes a customized approach to each and every commercial energy retrofit. You can rest easy when you call on our expertise to make the necessary upgrades to the building you do business in!

The Fifth Fuel Energy Retrofit Process

Our primary goal when you trust us with your commercial energy retrofit is to ensure that we address your specific pain points and the needs of the people who are working in your building every day. We do this by taking inventory and testing your current building’s energy performance, including all heating and cooling appliances and systems. We also go through the process of interviewing occupants and employees for additional necessary information.

You will receive recommendations on which upgrades will have the greatest impact on your energy costs and building efficiency. Once the necessary repairs and adjustments are made, the systems will be re-tested and monitored to ensure the problem areas have been fixed.

Keep Your Employees (& Your Bottom Line) Happy

Whether you’ve just moved your business into a new-to-you building, or you’ve been dealing with the same drafty commercial space for years, The Fifth Fuel experts have the specialized knowledge to increase your commercial energy conservation. Your place of business should be comfortable for your employees and your customers, and you shouldn’t have to lose all your monthly profits just to keep it that way.

Tired of watching your hard earned profits pay for your inefficient and uncomfortable commercial space? Schedule your Commercial Energy Retrofit  with the Northern Virginia and Maryland experts at The Fifth Fuel by calling 703-368-1479 or contacting us today!

It’s time to take control of your drafty commercial space!

Plus, you can save on your utility bills.


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