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Get an Energy Audit in Time for Changing Weather

Summer weather may have crept into fall this year in Northern Virginia, but before long, those chilly fall temperatures will be here to stay. And that only means another cold winter is around the corner. Are you in for another season of high heating bills, or are you taking steps now to save more energy before winter hits?

If you want to rake in energy savings in addition to all those leaves this fall, we recommend scheduling a home energy audit as soon as possible.

What Will an Energy Audit Tell Me?

An energy audit is a comprehensive assessment of your home’s overall energy efficiency. During the audit, we use blower door tests and infrared thermal imaging as diagnostic tests to pinpoint inefficiencies such as air leaks and poor insulation. This not only gives you valuable information about your home but also helps you identify energy-saving opportunities.

After your audit, we’ll give you a detailed report which includes prioritized energy efficiency upgrades like insulation removal, re-insulation, and air sealing. These upgrades are geared toward increasing home comfort and utility bill savings for you and your family.

Why Schedule an Energy Audit in the Fall?

Fall and winter are a dreaded time for many homeowners. Heating costs are increasingly high, indoor temperatures are frustratingly inconsistent, and cold drafts are at their fiercest. But fall and winter don’t have to be this way. By scheduling an energy audit, you’ll learn about simple ways to:

  • Keep indoor temperatures more consistent

  • Boost overall home efficiency

  • Lower annual heating costs

  • Prevent winter HVAC system issues

  • Reduce energy loss through your ductwork

  • Eliminate cold drafts

We Can Help You Rake in the Savings This Fall

Don’t let another round of cold weather drive your heating bills up and leave you shivering under a blanket inside your own home. With a fall energy audit by The Fifth Fuel, you’ll discover simple ways to keep your home more comfortable for less.

Our work doesn’t stop at energy audits. We also offer homeowners in Virginia and DC a wide range of retrofitting services to help them improve home comfort and energy efficiency all winter. These services include air sealing, insulation, crawlspace encapsulation, HVAC ductwork modifications, and so much more.

Find out exactly what your home needs for greater energy savings — just in time for winter. Call 703-368-1479 or contact us today to schedule your home energy audit!

Stay warm at home no matter the weather outside.

Learn more when you schedule a home energy audit.


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