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How Do I Know If I Need More Insulation?

In many cases, it’s easy to tell when a home upgrade is in order. If your 20-year-old furnace breaks down, for example, you know it’s time to schedule furnace replacement. If your roof is 25 years old and losing shingle after shingle, you’re probably due for a new roof. But how do you know if it’s time to upgrade the insulation in your home?

You can’t exactly look inside your walls, and it’s not always easy to climb up into the attic, either. However, it can be easy to find out if it’s time for new insulation — if you know what to look for.

Signs That It’s Time for an Insulation Upgrade

Under-insulation in key areas like the attic, walls, floors, and crawlspace can result in a number of indoor comfort and efficiency issues. Do any of these “symptoms” sound familiar?

  • Inconsistent indoor temperatures

  • Hard-to-condition rooms

  • Indoor drafts

  • Cold floors during the winter

  • Constantly running heat and AC

  • High heating and cooling bills

If you’re experiencing one or more of these issues inside your home, there’s a good chance your outdated or deteriorated insulation is to blame. In fact, according to one Boston University study, about 90% of American homes are under-insulated. When in doubt, it’s a good idea to consult an insulation contractor about your home insulation needs.

Assess Your Insulation Needs with an Energy Audit

When you trust an insulation specialist like The Fifth Fuel to help assess your home’s insulation, they’ll usually start by conducting an energy audit. An energy audit is an in-depth assessment of your home’s energy efficiency, with the goal of uncovering inefficiencies like air leaks and insulation gaps.

Your energy assessment will include blower door testing to measure overall air leakage, as well as thermal imaging to pinpoint where air leaks and insulation gaps are. Once complete, you’ll have a firm grasp on which areas of your home need air sealing and new insulation.

Enjoy the Benefits of New Insulation with The Fifth Fuel

With The Fifth Fuel, upgrading your home’s insulation is simple. Whether the insulation in your attic has visibly settled, your crawlspace insulation has become damaged by water or pests, or you simply need additional insulation in your exterior walls, we can handle the reinsulation process from start to finish — including insulation removal as needed. Unlike other insulation companies that serve Northern Virginia, DC, and Metro Maryland, our company is made up of building science experts who understand precisely how to help homeowners maximize their energy dollars and comfort.

With your newly insulated home, you can finally enjoy consistent indoor temperatures, reduce your reliance on your heating and air conditioning systems, and keep your energy bills down from month to month!

Find out if it’s time to install more insulation in your home. Call 703-368-1479 or contact us to schedule an energy audit!

Wondering if it’s time for new insulation?

We’ll tell you if and where new insulation is needed.


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