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How Insulation & Air Sealing Provide Year-Round Comfort

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Many Northern VA and DC area homes have hidden air leaks and insulation gaps, causing discomfort and high energy bills year-round. For greater home comfort and energy efficiency all year long, make sure your house is properly air sealed and insulated.

How Insulation Works

Insulation acts as a thermal barrier that controls heat flow into and out of the home.

  • In the summer, insulation keeps unwanted heat out.
  • In the winter, insulation keeps valuable heat in.

How Air Sealing Works

Air sealing closes up holes and gaps that allow air to travel into and out of the attic.

  • In the summer, attic heat doesn’t seep down into the home.
  • In the winter, rising heat doesn’t escape into the attic.

Why Air Seal & Insulate Together?

Air sealing and insulation work hand in hand to keep your home as comfortable and energy efficient as possible. Together, they provide benefits like:

  • Stable indoor temperatures
  • Fewer indoor drafts
  • Less need to run AC & heat
  • Greater home efficiency
  • Lower energy bills

Start with a Free Estimate

A more comfortable and efficient home starts with a free estimate to uncover where insulation and air sealing are needed.

Visual Inspection

An energy expert inspects your home for missing insulation, obvious air leaks, etc.

Thermal Imaging

An infrared camera reveals hidden air leaks and insulation gaps.


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