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Should I Insulate My Garage?

For many homeowners here in the DC area, the garage has become a space for not only parking the car but also storing things like the extra refrigerator, the lawn mower, sports equipment, and hardware. With the garage acting as such a functional space, often dedicated mainly to storing things, many homeowners ask, “Do you really have to insulate the garage?”

Our answer is yes, and here’s why.

Benefits of Insulating the Garage

Greater temperature control

The key purpose of insulation is to control heat flow into and out of a home. In the summer, it keeps unwanted heat out, while in the winter, it keeps valuable heat in. If your garage is not yet insulated, then it is not as comfortable of a space as it could be. Plus, if your garage is attached to your home, the fluctuating temperatures in this unconditioned space could actually be influencing your indoor comfort.

Garage insulation is especially well worth the cost if you have a room over the garage, if you use the garage as a work space, or if you have plumbing fixtures like a washer or sink in the garage.

Increased energy savings

Remember: with more consistent indoor temperatures also come greater energy savings. You could see an especially high impact on your energy bills if there is a conditioned room above your garage.

Better soundproofing

Many types of insulation also provide soundproofing. If your teenager uses the garage to practice the drums, or if you use the garage as a space for running the noisy table saw and rotating the tires, this is a key benefit (especially for your neighbors!)

To DIY or To Call a Professional?

The most important areas of the garage to insulate are the ceiling, the exterior walls, and — an area many homeowners forget — the garage door. While some homeowners take on garage insulation as a DIY project, we recommend having this important upgrade completed by an experienced insulation contractor.

An insulation professional can assess the unique needs of your garage while taking into account factors like existing insulation and heat flow into nearby areas. Moreover, a professional understands how to select the best types of insulation for your garage and handle the many intricacies involved in installation (especially in that notoriously difficult ceiling area.)

Get Started on Your Garage Insulation Project

Are you a Northern Virginia, DC, or metro Maryland homeowner who is considering insulating your garage? Whether you are wondering if your garage needs insulation, have questions about the cost of garage insulation as a separate job, or are ready to start your home insulation project, get in touch with the team at The Fifth Fuel. As a trusted insulation and energy efficiency expert serving the DC area, we understand how to insulate in a way that maximizes indoor comfort and minimizes energy costs.

Have questions about garage insulation? We have answers. Call 703-368-1479 or contact us to learn more about insulation for your garage!

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