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Understanding Stack Effect

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Stack effect is not as confusing as you might think. It’s all about how air flows through your home.

How It Works

1. Hot air rises

Stack effect is centered around one basic concept: hot air rises and cold air falls. Hot air rises because it is less dense than cold air.

2. Hot air escapes through the roof

When indoor air is warmer than outdoor air, it rises and escapes through air leaks in upper areas of the home.

3. Cold air seeps in

When hot air escapes, it creates a vacuum effect which pulls cold outdoor air in via air leaks in lower areas of the home.

4. This process reverses in the summer

When the weather heats up, the process reverses. Cool indoor air sinks and escapes through lower level air leaks, drawing in hot air from above.

The Solution

Energy Audit

An energy audit will help you pinpoint air leaks and insulation gaps which may be contributing to stack effect.

Air Sealing

Air leaks are the biggest contributor to stack effect. Air sealing eliminates these leaks throughout the home.


Insulation controls heat flow in the home. It keeps heat in during the winter and out during the summer.

Don’t let stack effect cause drafts and discomfort. Start making your home more comfortable today!

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