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Where Does a Home Lose the Most Heat?

Home Heat Loss Infographic

Paying to heat your home in the winter is expensive enough, but did you know that the average house wastes much of the expensive heat its furnace, boiler, or heat pump produces?

Learn more about the areas where most homes lose heat, and how you can upgrade with upgraded insulation and air sealing services from The Fifth Fuel to cut back on monthly energy use and realize significant savings!

Attics: 25%

In the winter, heat often escapes via air leaks and poor insulation in attics, due to what is called “the stack effect,” when heat is pulled up and out of the top of a home because of the difference in air pressure between the cold outdoors and your warm home. Proper insulation and air sealing can dramatically reduce upstairs heat loss.

Crawl Spaces & Basements: 15%

Ever experienced cold floorboards on the ground floor of your home? Many bottom level floors in a house are right above under-insulated or uninsulated crawl spaces and basements. A home’s foundation can also be a significant source of heat loss, not to mention a frequent source of indoor air quality issues in living spaces.

Walls: 35%

The square footage of exterior wall coverage likely makes up the majority of your building’s thermal envelope, so it’s not a surprise that such a large percentage of heat loss occurs through your walls. Especially in older homes, insulation can settle and deteriorate over time, leaving large areas for heat to escape outside.

Windows & Doors: 25%

A lack of air sealing around windows and doors is one of the places we most commonly see heat loss issues in homes. Even tiny cracks and gaps can add up to serious energy waste, leaving your home less comfortable and your heating system working harder than it needs to maintain a cozy indoor temperature.

Schedule an Energy Audit Today and Start Saving

While these figures give you a general idea of where the average home experiences heat loss, the best way to find out where your home needs work is by scheduling an energy audit with The Fifth Fuel. Using sophisticated technology like blower door tests and thermal camera imaging, we’ll create a detailed report of your home performance and make recommendations to help you save money on your monthly energy costs and stay comfortable all winter long.

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