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Why Choose an Energy Audit?

If you’re experiencing discomfort or high energy bills in your Manassas, Virginia, or Metro DC area home, you’ve probably been wondering how you can increase your home’s comfort and lower those bills. We strongly suggest that you start with a home energy audit.

An energy audit for your home is like a visit to the doctor when you’re experiencing troubling symptoms but can’t figure out what’s ailing you. Rather than taking a look at you and throwing out some possible solutions, doctors run a series of tests to get to the root of the problem so they can prescribe just the right treatment.

Likewise, rather than guessing why your home might be losing energy and haphazardly throwing money at possible solutions, the tests run during your energy audit will target your home’s energy inefficiencies and provide real solutions that will immediately improve your home’s efficiency and comfort.

What We Look at During an Audit

During a home energy assessment, we will be looking at your entire home, from foundation to roof and everything in between. We’ll look for:

  • Areas of poor or missing insulation

  • Gaps and cracks that require air sealing

  • Issues with your ventilation system

  • Heating and cooling system issues

  • Structural issues that could increase energy loss

The Fifth Fuel uses sophisticated tests to assess the efficiency of each component, so our results provide scientific, quantitative measurements. We compare these measurements to set standards for efficiency, so we know which improvements will have the most impact on your comfort, safety, indoor air quality, energy efficiency and environmental footprint.

What You Get from Your Energy Audit

Every home is unique, so the recommendations that come out of our audit will be tailored to your home performance. You’ll be able to plan and prioritize your home improvements to get the best return on investment from the work you choose to have done. By following the recommendations from your energy audit, you will benefit from the following:

  • Improved Home Comfort

When the gaps and cracks that allow air to pass in and out of your home are sealed and you’ve got proper insulation installed, drafts, cold spots and inconsistent temperatures will be a thing of the past.

  • Healthier Indoor Air Quality

Putting an end to air leaks that allow the intrusion of moisture (which can lead to mold growth) and other pollutants that can trigger allergies will greatly enhance the quality of the air you breathe at home. Additionally, inspection of ventilation systems and combustion appliances — such as your furnace, boiler and gas stove — ensure there are no harmful gases leaking into your home.

  • Lower Energy Bills

Air sealing and insulation will ensure your conditioned air stays within your living areas. Your heating and cooling systems expend less fuel and energy to provide the temperatures you want and your energy costs will go down, resulting in significant savings over time.

  • Reduced Environmental Impact

Your energy-efficient home consumes less energy and lowers your carbon footprint. The less energy we waste and the fewer pollutants our homes produce, the more environmentally friendly we become.

Don’t waste time and money guessing at which improvements will create the energy-efficient home you want and deserve. Get a home energy audit and make improvements that will ensure your comfort, health and safety.

Take your first step toward a more comfortable, energy-efficient home today. Contact us or call 703-368-1479 to request your home energy audit.

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