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Why Should I Hire a Pro to Install Insulation?

So you’ve heard about the many benefits of upgrading your insulation, and you’re ready to add more of the fluffy stuff to your home. But before you head to your local hardware store to pick up some fiberglass insulation for this weekend’s DIY project, you might want to rethink your plans to tackle all of that installation yourself.

Because installing new insulation involves a great deal of expertise, knowledge about home performance, tight spaces and often special equipment, adding insulation to your home is usually a job best left to a professional. Here’s why.

Removal & Installation Can Be Dangerous

Before it’s even time to install new insulation, you may need to remove old, ineffective insulation first. Insulation removal can be dangerous, stirring up harmful contaminants like dust, mold, animal waste, and asbestos. Without the right tools and equipment, you risk exposing yourself and the rest of your home to these substances. A professional understands how to remove old and damaged insulation properly, getting your insulation project started on the right foot.

It isn’t just removal that’s dangerous; the installation process can pose safety risks as well. It’s not uncommon for a homeowner to step through the roof of their attic while installing new insulation.

You Need Trusted Insulation Expertise

Is fiberglass really the best option for your attic? How much insulation do those basement walls need? Which areas of the home should you be targeting with new insulation? A certified insulation contractor has the expertise and can perform the evaluations necessary to answer these types of questions. Plus, contractors work with a wide range of high performance insulation materials including spray foam, cellulose, and fiberglass — many of which homeowners don’t feel comfortable installing themselves.

When you leave your insulation needs to a trusted insulation professional like The Fifth Fuel, you’ll rest easy knowing you’re using the best insulation material for the space you’re upgrading (be it your attic, walls, or crawl space). Plus, insulation specialists know how to install insulation without the mess, in a way that minimizes intrusion into your home.

Professional Installation Maximizes Benefits

You’re adding insulation to your home in order to make it more comfortable and efficient. Wouldn’t it be great to maximize these benefits? When you have a professional air seal and insulate your home correctly the first time, you maximize benefits like:

  • Increased overall home comfort

  • Fewer indoor drafts

  • Greater energy savings

  • Lower heating and cooling costs

  • Longer lasting HVAC equipment

Considering an insulation upgrade for your home? The Fifth Fuel is proud to serve homeowners in Northern Virginia, DC, and Metro Maryland and is here to make sure your insulation project is done right the first time. With our team of certified experts on your side, you can rest easy knowing your new insulation will provide the home comfort and efficiency benefits you’ve been looking for.

Get the most from your next insulation upgrade. Call 703-368-1479 or contact us to start your project!

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