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Why Upgrading Your Insulation Is Not a DIY Job

These days, the internet is filled with YouTube videos, blogs, and magazine articles advocating for DIY home improvement projects. While there are plenty of jobs around the house that you can do yourself, removing and replacing your home insulation shouldn’t be one of them, and here’s why.

The Dangers of DIY Insulation Removal and Replacement

Removing Old Insulation

You might be thinking that you could save some money by just adding new insulation on top of the existing insulation you already have. But when it comes to replacing insulation, it’s always best to remove the old insulation entirely. Old insulation can be filled with nasty contaminants like dust, mold, animal waste, and even asbestos. If you’re aren’t trained for proper insulation removal, disturbing old insulation can introduce those contaminants into the air, endangering you and your family.

Installing Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation (also known as Spray Polyurethane Foam, or SPF) offers superior insulation and air sealing capabilities. It’s a great choice for crawlspace insulation, attics, and anywhere else where air leaks or moisture threaten your home’s thermal boundary.

But spray foam is made from a number of different chemicals, and installing it requires protective gear, training, and a long list of safety checklist procedures. In fact, the EPA warns that some manufacturers do not go far enough to clearly state the health hazards of working with SPF. Is your health something you want to take a gamble on just to save a few bucks on your attic insulation project?

The Benefits of Professional Insulation Removal and Replacement

Proper Removal and Installation from Home Efficiency Experts

If you choose to install new insulation yourself, how will you know if you’ve done a good job? You can consult online videos and articles, but there’s no substitute for on-the-job experience that an experienced insulation contractor like The Fifth Fuel brings to the table. We know the easy-to-miss places where home insulation is often lacking, and we have the tools and diagnostic equipment to confirm if and where you need air sealing, or if you’ve successfully improved the insulation on your home.

Improving Your Home Performance Through Insulation

If you’re putting down a significant investment to re-insulate your home, you want your money to go a long way. With a professional contractor like The Fifth Fuel, you can be sure that you get the most boost to your home’s energy efficiency, including:

  • Lower energy bills

  • Less wear and tear on your HVAC system

  • Improved home comfort, year-round

  • Increased indoor air quality

Contact The Fifth Fuel for Your Insulation Project

When it comes to DIY projects around the house, there are some things you just don’t want to risk doing a mediocre job on, and insulation is one of them. From the right insulation materials like spray foam or cellulose insulation to proper and safe removal and installation, hiring a trusted local contractor to handle your upgrade is well worth the money.

Remember, there’s no such thing as summer insulation or winter insulation. Interior and exterior insulation benefits you and your home every month of the year, keeping you comfortable and reducing energy usage. With more than 30 years of experience, our BPI- and RESNET-certified team of home efficiency experts are the professionals you can trust for your insulation projects.

Insulation upgrades aren’t a do-it-yourself home improvement. Call 703-368-1479 or contact us for quality results that will make a difference in your home.

Thinking of replacing your insulation yourself?

This is one home upgrade you’ll want to leave to the pros.




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