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Is Your Crawlspace Making You Sick?

Spring has officially sprung here in the DC area, and that means the trees have blossomed and some days are already feeling like summer. Unfortunately, it also means that many of us are battling allergy symptoms day in and day out. Outdoor pollen is a common cause of coughing, itching, and sneezing; but did you know invisible allergens inside your home can cause these same kinds of symptoms as well?

Pollen is often the scapegoat for allergy symptoms at this time of year; but the truth is that allergens from your crawlspace could be circulating in the air inside your home, giving you allergy like symptoms. Here’s what you need to know about minimizing crawlspace contaminants — especially during allergy season.

Your Crawlspace & Indoor Air Quality

We’ve heard many Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland homeowners ask: “Can the crawlspace really have an impact on my home and indoor air?”

Even if your crawlspace is separate from the rest of your home, chances are it is harming your indoor air quality (IAQ). It is common for air leaks to lead up from the crawlspace into your living spaces — many of which are invisible to the naked eye. If you have ductwork running through your crawlspace, there could also be leaks in your ductwork that invite crawlspace air in. These factors together mean that whatever is lurking in your crawlspace is likely being circulated throughout the rest of your home.

Common contaminants that are found in crawlspaces — and therefore get circulated throughout the rest of the home — include:

  • Dirt & debris
  • Pollen
  • Excess humidity
  • Mold & mildew
  • Animal waste
  • Radon

Improve Indoor Air Quality with Crawlspace Encapsulation

For a crawlspace that is making you and your family sick, there is a simple solution: crawlspace encapsulation. Crawlspace encapsulation is the process of addressing water issues in the crawlspace, installing a heavy duty plastic moisture barrier along the floor and beams, and insulating the crawlspace with a high performance insulation material like spray foam.

When done properly, crawlspace encapsulation prevents contaminants from multiplying in the crawlspace — and reduces the amount of air that is able to travel into your home from below.

Get a Free Estimate for Your Crawlspace

Is your crawlspace harming your indoor air quality and causing allergy like symptoms? Learn more by scheduling a free estimate for your crawlspace! We’ll talk to you about your indoor air quality goals, answer your questions, and share more about the crawlspace encapsulation process. (Or, if you want an even more in-depth look at your home, consider starting with a comprehensive energy audit!)

Improve your home health by reducing allergens in your indoor air. It all starts with a free estimate for crawlspace encapsulation. Call 703-368-1479 or contact us to get started!

Is your crawlspace causing allergy like symptoms?

A healthy home starts with crawlspace encapsulation.


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