Home energy efficiency is a complex topic that affects our energy bills, comfort, and indoor air quality. As leaders of residential energy conservation in Northern Virginia and Metro DC, The Fifth Fuel team is dedicated to educating home and business owners about building science concepts and how these concepts influence our built environment. For example, homeowners commonly think their heating and cooling system isn’t performing properly, when in reality, a home performance issue is causing uneven home temperatures.

Our blog is designed to provide useful information that can be applied to gaining an understanding of home energy efficiency, helping our customers to make informed choices about energy-saving home improvements including insulation, air sealing, and crawlspace encapsulation.

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cold man under a blanket at home
February 20, 2019

Find out if it's time to install new insulation in your home with help from The Fifth Fuel, Northern VA, DC, and MD's home comfort specialist. Signs like indoor drafts, cold floors, high heating bills, and hard-to-heat rooms could all mean it's time for an insulation upgrade. Learn more here.

woman with questions
February 13, 2019

Wondering if it's time to install more insulation in your home? Read about these telltale signs or schedule an energy audit with The Fifth Fuel to find out! We conduct in-depth home efficiency assessments to help Northern VA, DC, and Metro MD homeowners determine if and where to add new insulation.

professional insulation installation
January 31, 2019

Considering a DIY insulation project for your home? Find out why upgrading your home's insulation is best left to a professional. The Fifth Fuel helps homeowners in Northern VA, DC, and MD install new insulation for benefits like consistent home comfort and lower heating and cooling costs.

icicles hanging from roof
January 22, 2019

Prevent ice dams and icicles this winter with these home upgrades by The Fifth Fuel. Ice dams and icicles actually start with a hot attic, so the key to preventing them is keeping heat out of the attic. Learn more from The Fifth Fuel, Northern VA, Metro MD, and DC's home efficiency expert.

warm home model with scarf
January 9, 2019

Bundle up your home and enhance winter home comfort with new insulation from The Fifth Fuel. Insulation works like a sweater to keep valuable heat indoors. We offer expert diagnostics and insulation services to help Northern VA, MD & DC homeowners install new insulation exactly where it's needed.

attic insulation infographic header the fifth fuel
January 3, 2019

Home comfort issues or high energy bills this winter? Find out if it's time to re-insulate the attic with these tips from The Fifth Fuel, Northern Virginia's insulation expert. Learn about the signs of an under-insulated attic and get an energy audit to determine exactly where insulation is needed.

insulation between wall studs
December 27, 2018

Schedule insulation and air sealing to enjoy year-round benefits like enhanced comfort, energy savings, and lower utility bills. The Fifth Fuel offers retrofitting services throughout Northern VA, DC, and MD. Our energy audits can show you exactly where your home needs insulation and air sealing.

insulation removal
December 19, 2018

Before you tear down that insulation in your attic, learn about the dangers of DIY insulation removal. The Fifth Fuel is your trusted local insulation specialist in Northern VA and DC and offers retrofit services including insulation removal, air sealing, and re-insulation.

insulation breakdown heading image the fifth fuel
December 5, 2018

If you want your home to be comfortable year-round, it must be properly insulated. Insulation keeps unwanted heat outside during the summer and much-needed heat inside during the winter.

house model wrapped in scarf, cold home
November 28, 2018

Schedule a home energy audit before winter hits and discover how you can keep your home warmer for less. Energy audits by The Fifth Fuel help Virginia and DC homeowners discover how to lower annual heating costs, prevent HVAC issues, boost home efficiency, eliminate drafts, and more.