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Most homes lack sufficient insulation, according to the Department of Energy. This is especially true in Northern Virginia and Metro DC, where we have many older homes. Holes in exterior walls and gaps and cracks around windows and doors allows conditioned (heated and cooled) air to leak out. In fact, exterior walls can account for 35% of the heat loss in a home!

Insulating walls is essential upgrade for making older homes more energy efficient. The Fifth Fuel both retrofits existing homes and insulates new homes for greater comfort and utility savings. Our energy efficiency experts understand how to insulate walls, allowing occupants to make better use of the energy and heat use in their homes.

Insulating Existing Homes

Some homes in Northern Virginia and Metro Maryland have walls that are not insulated. The insulation experts at The Fifth Fuel use infrared cameras to determine when homes lack insulation or to determine if wall insulation has degraded over time. The best way to figure out the status of your wall insulation is to schedule an energy audit with our team.

The Fifth Fuel team typically blows dense-pack cellulose insulation in the wall cavity, dramatically boosting the energy efficiency of homes. When the home could benefit from air sealing, we can provide this service at the same time, boosting the effectiveness of the insulation.

We bring our 30 years of insulation experience to every retrofit project. The Fifth Fuel team uses infrared cameras to ensure that we have not missed any areas; you can rest assured that our installation is thorough and complete.

Insulating New Construction

When insulating new homes or additions, The Fifth Fuel can use any combination of materials that best suits the needs of the builder or architect. We have the experience and equipment to install wall spray and loose cellulose, loose and batted fiberglass, open can closed cell spray foam, and rigid insulation. We offer Energy Star 3.1 and IECC 2016 air sealing packages. As leaders in the insulation industry in Northern Virginia, The Fifth Fuel team is known for exceptional customer service and attention to detail.

The Energy Efficiency Experts

As a locally-owned and industry-certified company we take pride in cutting the energy bills and environmental impact of homes in our area. The Fifth Fuel team has the technical expertise to handle a variety of projects, from small homes to multifamily complexes.

Want to cut your energy bills? Call us today at 703-368-1479 to schedule a free estimate for your wall insulation!

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Solving Comfort Issues and High Utility Bills in Cape Cod Style Homes

Tuesday, April 26, 2016
The Fifth Fuel Blog 1, VA

Cape Cod-style homes date back to 17 century New England, where these charming homes were designed to withstand the elements. The homes are compact and have a simple rectangular footprint. A steep roof helped shed snow, relatively low ceilings made it easier to heat, and shutters helped keep wind out during storms.

The revival of the Cape Cod homes began in the late 1920s and lasted for several decades. We now have many such homes throughout Northern Virginia and Metro Maryland.