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Is the upstairs of your home too hot during the …

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Recreation room in home with pool table

Learn why the converted room in your attic or over your garage has big temperature swings, and why properly insulating and air sealing these rooms can lower energy bills and make your whole home more comfortable. Upgrade the bonus room in your home with proper insulation services from The Fifth Fuel.

Pink insulation

Upgrade your home’s insulation this spring and benefit all year-long from reduced heating and cooling bills and higher home comfort. The Fifth Fuel breaks down why the existing aging insulation in your walls, attic, and crawlspace might not be doing its job anymore. Schedule an energy audit today.

Drop down ladder leading to attic

Remove and replace your attic insulation today for improved home comfort and lower monthly heating and cooling costs. The Fifth Fuel breaks down the signs that your attic insulation needs to be replaced and what insulation types work best for attics. Reach out to discuss attic insulation removal costs today.

Person wearing coat in chilly home

Discover the reason you’re still cold in your house, even when the heat is on. The Fifth Fuel breaks down the three most common causes of poor home comfort in a Virginia home, and explains why a home energy audit is the best first step to identifying the problem and fixing the issue for good.

Insulation in walls and floors

Solve your indoor comfort issues with attic insulation removal and replacement services from The Fifth Fuel. Find out how chilly indoor drafts and high utility costs can be linked back to poor attic insulation, and how home upgrades like air sealing can pay for themselves through years of energy savings.

Heat Loss infographic

See for yourself where the common areas where heat loss occurs in a home with this illustration from The Fifth Fuel. Learn just how much of the energy your furnace produces could be wasted due to poor insulation and air leaks, and how you can upgrade your home to save money and stay comfortable.

Technician installing sheets of insulation

Learn more about the benefits of hiring a quality local contractor for your insulation upgrade. While the DIY route might seem tempting, there are health risks with removing and installing insulation, and the risk of doing a subpar job makes this a home improvement best left to the professionals.

Air sealing around window

Learn more about the benefits of air sealing and how it helps your home’s energy efficiency. Air sealing a house improves insulation performance and stops outside air from getting inside. Through air sealing exterior walls as well as your attic and basement, The Fifth Fuel can improve home comfort.

Tiny house wrapped in knit scarf

Did you know your home’s architectural style can affect its energy efficiency? From Cape Cods and colonials to ranches and split levels, The Fifth Fuel breaks down some common home performance issues associated with particular home styles and where insulation upgrades can improve your indoor comfort.

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