Learn how you can take advantage of Dominion Energy incentives, IRA rebates, and Virginia Energy programs!

Heat Loss infographic

See for yourself where the common areas where heat loss occurs in a home with this illustration from The Fifth Fuel. Learn just how much of the energy your furnace produces could be wasted due to poor insulation and air leaks, and how you can upgrade your home to save money and stay comfortable.

Technician installing sheets of insulation

Learn more about the benefits of hiring a quality local contractor for your insulation upgrade. While the DIY route might seem tempting, there are health risks with removing and installing insulation, and the risk of doing a subpar job makes this a home improvement best left to the professionals.

Air sealing around window

Learn more about the benefits of air sealing and how it helps your home’s energy efficiency. Air sealing a house improves insulation performance and stops outside air from getting inside. Through air sealing exterior walls as well as your attic and basement, The Fifth Fuel can improve home comfort.

Tiny house wrapped in knit scarf

Did you know your home’s architectural style can affect its energy efficiency? From Cape Cods and colonials to ranches and split levels, The Fifth Fuel breaks down some common home performance issues associated with particular home styles and where insulation upgrades can improve your indoor comfort.

Insulation close up

Learn the best places to upgrade your Northern VA or Metro DC home insulation from the pros at The Fifth Fuel, with top energy savings from new attic insulation. Eliminate dampness and drafts with crawl space encapsulation to improve indoor air quality. Add dense-pack cellulose wall insulation to cut noise & save.

Family relaxing in living room

Add new insulation and air sealing by the efficiency pros at Fifth Fuel to enjoy a cool summer in Metro Maryland and Northern Virginia. Combining air sealing with insulation upgrades is the most effective energy saving improvement you can make! Our ENERGY STAR insulation pros ensure your home is cool and comfortable.

Homeowners with dog on couch

New homeowners in Northern Virginia and Metro DC should use their home inspection report to help the pros at The Fifth Fuel identify gaps in energy efficiency. Our energy pros can spot potential problems in home performance and identify solutions.

Woman trying to cool off with hand held fan

Find out what could be making your bedroom uncomfortably hot, with help from The Fifth Fuel — a trusted local insulation and home comfort expert serving Northern VA, DC, and MD. The Fifth Fuel shares the importance of attic and wall insulation as well as air sealing. Find out how to fix your hot bedroom.

Insulation & Air Sealing infographic

Learn about how insulation and air sealing work to keep your home comfortable year-round — and find out how to tell if your home needs an insulation or air sealing upgrade. The Fifth Fuel offers free estimates to Northern VA, DC, and MD homeowners looking to increase their home comfort. Learn more.

Garage door of suburban home

Find out if your garage needs insulation, and how you might benefit from insulating your garage. The Fifth Fuel is a trusted insulation and energy efficiency contractor serving Northern VA, DC, and metro MD. Learn more about why a garage insulation project may be well worth the cost for your home.

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