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The Most Important Places to Insulate Your Home

If you’re struggling with increased energy bills or your home just isn’t comfortable, upgrading your insulation can really make a difference! It’s a common misconception that homes only need insulation to keep warm during the cold winter months. In fact, good insulation paired with air sealing can save as much as 40% off your cooling bills during the heat of summer as well. If you’re unsure about where in your home to insulate or what kind of insulation is best, the experts at The Fifth Fuel are here to share some insulation basics.

How does insulation keep my home comfortable?

Insulation is designed to prevent the transfer of energy between outside your home and the inside living areas. In the summer, it keeps cool air in and prevents radiant heat from the sun from penetrating into your house. In the winter, it keeps warm air inside and helps maintain a comfortable temperature. Insulation performs best when paired with air sealing. By air sealing small gaps and cracks with caulk and other weatherization material as well as spray foam for larger openings and holes, your insulation can perform the way it should.

Where are the most important places to insulate?

Many Metro DC area homes lack adequate home insulation for any season. So, it’s important to identify where your insulation upgrade will have the most impact. The insulation experts at The Fifth Fuel explain the locations that are key to improving home performance and saving money. One way to identify where your home needs improved insulation is to start with a home energy audit. During your home energy audit,  your auditor will apply proven building science concepts and utilized specialized tools to assess where your home is losing heat due to gaps or missing insulation. 

Start with the Attic!

Attic insulation is probably the best place to start improving in your northern Virginia area home. The effect of poor attic insulation is most notable during the summer when second-floor rooms just can’t seem to cool down. In the winter, as heat rises, attic insulation keeps your valuable warm air from escaping. For attic insulation upgrades, our insulation team would remove old, inadequate insulation, patch up any gaps or holes, and install your new cellulose insulation. Many homeowners opt for spray foam insulation that combines sealing and excellent R-value to upgrade their attic insulation.

Insulate Exterior Walls to Save

Many homes in the area also lack proper insulation in exterior walls. Poorly insulated exterior walls can make rooms feel drafty, too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. If your exterior needs a wall insulation retrofit, our experienced insulation team at The Fifth Fuel will first seal around windows and penetrations for wires and plumbing. Then we’ll use blown-in dense pack cellulose insulation to fill up the wall cavity. You’ll benefit from energy savings and the added sound barrier to keep street noise from filtering in.

Crawl Space Insulation Also Keeps Dampness Away

If your home has a crawl space, there’s a good chance it could be stealing away energy and adding damaging moisture to your home’s interior. If your crawl space is still damp, dirty and wet, crawl space encapsulation is an excellent solution to eliminate musty smells and drafty rooms. With 30 years of experience, the crawl space team from The Fifth Fuel will first clean out your crawl space, removing all the yucky accumulation of debris. Then they’ll address any moisture issues caused by poor drainage of excess moisture. Finally, insulation and a thick plastic vapor barrier will seal off your home’s living areas from the crawl space. You’ll enjoy improved indoor air quality and reduce your utility bills, too!

Insulation Upgrades Reap Immediate Savings

Upgrading insulation in your home is an improvement that delivers the biggest bang for the buck. Plus by improving your home’s energy efficiency you’ll enhance your home’s value and durability. Your insulation experts at The Fifth Fuel can help you determine the best course of action for your home’s specific needs.

Upgrading your attic insulation is a great place to start!

Our insulation experts pinpoint the best insulation improvements.


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