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Insulation: The Ultimate Sweater for Your Home

Winter is officially here, and if you’re like many of us in Northern Virginia, Metro Maryland, and DC, you’re probably staying bundled up indoors with plenty of sweaters and blankets. The cold always seems to seep indoors at this time of year, but what if there were a way to bundle up your home for greater winter comfort?

Bundle Up Your Home with Insulation

With insulation, you can bundle up your home, making it more resilient against winter weather. Insulation works a lot like a sweater does to keep valuable heat in, right where you want it. It even offers comfort enhancing benefits in the summer as well, keeping unwanted heat out.

When insulation is installed properly in key areas like the attic, exterior walls, and crawlspace, you don’t have to rely on your blankets, sweaters, and slippers just to feel comfortable indoors all winter.

The Winter Benefits of Insulation

Insulation is a home upgrade that offers year-round benefits, keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. When your home is properly insulated, you’ll notice these benefits, in particular, during the winter:

  • Stable indoor temperatures

  • An overall warmer & cozier home

  • Less need to run your heating system

  • Increased energy efficiency

  • Lower annual heating costs

  • Reduced indoor drafts

  • Warmer hardwood & tile floors

Air Sealing Goes Hand in Hand with Insulation

As you make plans to upgrade your insulation for increased indoor comfort, don’t forget to schedule air sealing as well. Air sealing works hand in hand with insulation, eliminating any holes, cracks, or gaps which may be letting indoor air seep out and outdoor air seep in. Without proper air sealing, your home will be left susceptible to drafts, and your insulation won’t be as effective at keeping valuable heat indoors.

Start Bundling Up Your Home with an Energy Audit

One question we hear from a lot of DC area homeowners is, “How do I know where my house needs new insulation?” Our answer: with an energy audit by The Fifth Fuel. This full home assessment makes understanding your home’s insulation and air sealing needs simple.

During your energy audit, one of our building science experts will come to your home and perform diagnostic testing to pinpoint hidden problem areas. This diagnostic testing includes blower door testing for air leakage and infrared thermal imaging to locate air leaks and insulation gaps. At the end of the audit, you’ll receive a detailed report about where insulation and air sealing are needed. With this report in hand, our insulation experts can insulate and air seal your home exactly as needed for results you can see and feel.

Keep your home warm this winter, with proper insulation. Call 703-368-1479 or contact us to schedule an energy audit and get started!https://www./contact-us

Is the winter cold finding its way into your home?

Keep your home warm with new insulation.


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