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The Key to a Comfortable Home This Summer

Take a walk outside, and there’s no doubt that temps here in the Northern Virginia area are rising steadily with each passing day. This has many homeowners doing whatever they can to keep their conditioned living spaces cool this summer, which can be easier said than done. At The Fifth Fuel, we believe that the key to a comfortable, efficient home is a properly sealed building envelope supported by the right amount of insulation.

Think insulation is only for the winter months? Think again.

Why Insulation Matters Year-round

It’s not uncommon for people to think that insulation is a cold-weather necessity. After all, it’s the sweater that keeps our homes warm when the snow falls, right? Yes and no. Insulation is surely a crucial element of home performance during the winter months, but in the end, it’s because it helps to keep warm, conditioned air from escaping the home. The same concept applies to the summer months, except you’re trying to keep cool air from escaping.

Take a bottle of soda, for example. If left out on the porch on a hot summer day, it will warm up in no time. Put a “koozie” around it—which is basically just a form of insulation—and it stays cold for hours. Believe it or not, the same concept applies to your home.

The Importance of Air Sealing

While insulation on its own can be an effective tool for helping to keep your home comfortable this summer, it’s most effective when combined with air sealing. Many homes in the DC Metro area are plagued by tiny cracks and gaps that allow air to flow freely through the building envelope—air sealing is the process of filling these. This not only helps to assist your insulation in effectively doing its job, but it can have a major impact on indoor air quality, as well.

As an unsealed envelope will require all systems within the home to operate more often than they should have to, you can also expect to enjoy longer HVAC systems life, not to mention more consistent indoor temperatures.

The Fifth Fuel—Your Local Experts

The Fifth Fuel, to us, represents efficiency. The more efficient your home is, the lower your carbon footprint and energy bills will be. If you’re looking to save money, breathe clean air and enjoy a comfortable summer, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

Our expert insulation solutions will leave your home safe and comfortable for years to come.

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