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Duct Blaster Test

The Fifth Fuel conducts duct leakage testing with a duct blaster test throughout Northern Virginia and Metro Maryland. This allows us to determine if a leaky duct system is an issue within a home. Duct leakage can increase heating and cooling costs over 30% and contribute to comfort, health and safety problems. Most of our duct blaster testing is for new construction or for more in-depth home energy audits of existing homes, along with air leakage testing.

The Importance of Properly-Functioning Ductwork

Although most homeowners would not tolerate a leaky plumbing fixture, many homes are negatively affected by poorly-sealed ductwork. Despite its importance to the overall functioning of a heating and cooling system, duct systems are often overlooked and underappreciated. As the backbone of an HVAC system, their function is imperative to an efficient heating and cooling system. Duct testing provides quantifiable information about the performance of the ductwork, and if leaking ductwork is hindering the energy efficiency of the home.

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How The Duct Blaster Works

A duct blaster combines a small fan and a pressure gauge to pressurize a home’s duct system and accurately measure air leakage of the ductwork. This test is similar to a pressure test of a plumbing system.

Here’s how the test works:

  • A duct blaster is used to directly pressure test the duct system for air leaks, in much the same way a plumber pressure tests water pipes for leaks.
  • The duct blaster fan is first connected to the duct system at the air handler cabinet, or a return grill. After temporarily sealing all remaining registers and grills, the duct blaster fan is turned on to force air through all holes and cracks in the ductwork.
  • The fan speed is increased until a standard test pressure is achieved in the duct system. A precise leakage measurement is then made using an airflow and pressure gauge connected to the duct blaster system.

Duct Blaster Testing with The Fifth Fuel

The Fifth Fuel is a locally-owned and operated company with more than 30 years of experience serving Northern Virginia and Metro DC homeowners. From Falls Church to Fairfax, we have extensive experience boosting home energy efficiency for lower energy bills and greater home comfort.

The Fifth Fuel is certified by BPI (Building Performance Institute) and RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network). We have the know-how to perform your duct blaster test, and attend regular training to stay on the cutting edge of industry knowledge.

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