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Is Your Bedroom Too Hot to Sleep In?

Many people in Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland deal with the same problem in the summer: The second floor of the house gets stiflingly hot. This also happens to be where all of the bedrooms are located, making sleeping at night almost impossible. Surely there’s a way to sleep comfortably at night without plugging in multiple fans or cranking up the air conditioning!

You may be surprised to learn that air conditioning isn’t the only thing that keeps your home cool in the summer. Find out what other factors are involved — and how to fix any hot bedrooms in your home.

Hot Bedroom? This Could Be the Cause

In addition to air conditioning, there’s one major thing that keeps your house cool in the summer: insulation. Insulation keeps your house cool by preventing unwanted outside heat from seeping indoors. (It also happens to be what keeps valuable heat from escaping in the winter.)

If your bedrooms are too hot to sleep in, chances are your house is under-insulated. We often find that homes are missing much-needed insulation in the attic and exterior walls. Many homes in Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland are also riddled with air leaks which let warm air accumulate upstairs all summer.

How to Fix a Hot Bedroom


If you’re looking to fix a hot bedroom in your home, get in touch with an experienced insulation contractor like The Fifth Fuel. An insulation expert can assess your bedroom areas and install insulation as needed for more consistent indoor comfort.

At The Fifth Fuel, we often recommend two insulation upgrades for hot bedrooms: attic insulation and wall insulation. Attic insulation, which typically involves blowing loose fill cellulose insulation along the attic floor, prevents attic heat from seeping down to the second floor. Wall insulation, which often involves blowing densely packed cellulose insulation into finished walls via small holes, keeps outside heat from seeping in through exterior walls.

Seal air leaks

In addition to having an insulation expert bring your home insulation up to adequate levels, it’s also important to have an expert find and seal any air leaks that lead to your bedrooms. At The Fifth Fuel, we often find air leaks around the attic hatch, recessed lighting, and wiring penetrations — and then seal these leaks with spray foam insulation.

Start Your Insulation Update with a Free Estimate

Wondering if it’s time to install new insulation around your bedrooms? Get in touch with The Fifth Fuel, an experienced insulation contractor and home comfort expert serving Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland. We’ve helped countless local homeowners stay cool in the summer with professional insulation upgrades — and your home could be next!

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Find out how insulation can help you fix a hot bedroom.

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